Best Hair Day Ever!!!


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With the many things to plan for your Big Day let us just remind you another little detail that should not be left as a last moment thing…YOUR HAIR!!!  As every other thing that is involved with wedding decisions, you want to take into consideration your venue and its surroundings to choose the perfect style of hair do for your Big Day.  Think of a breathtaking sunset with those cotton candy hues skies, the tenderness of a sweet touch by your Mr. Right as your hair flows with locks and the simplicity of it all just sets that oceanfront wedding to perfection.  Take a look at these beautiful ideas for that perfect scene.

waves beach

You can also add a little detail with the help of a beautiful crown braid or a picture-perfect hair piece.

down with style

 But if your type of romance is a glamorous ballroom and roses galore, think of a classical up-do that will have your prince charming wanting to run to his princess and whisk her away. Take a look at these stunning hair styles.  Enjoy ladies!!!

updo me



The messy romantic buns have been seen through out this wedding season and they are here to stay.  We are loving these looks even for a fancy night out.

updo bun


These next impeccable classics will never go out of style.  bd8d0c4fdd6e8352db61a6a35c8e82153054a937d45d2a43d338b48f0645af39


For more style tips and glamorous wedding fashion scroll down to more amazing posts.

Claudin (EGE TEAM)


How to find your Dream Wedding Dress?


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So many little girls dream of the day they will be walking down the aisle with their Cinderella dress.  And now that dream is becoming a reality for you.  So now it’s time to ask yourself, when do you go looking for THE Dress?  How do you know that’s “THE ONE”? Where do you even begin to search?  So many questions and this is just the beginning of all the fun parts of planning your dream wedding.  That’s why you have us to help you out.  Starting with a few shopping tips before you go nuts in the sea of all the wedding gowns you will encounter out there.  Let’s begin with …


When should you start looking for your dress?  It’s never to soon to start looking but just make sure you are just looking.  Ideally you want to find your dress 1 year to 9 months before the big day.  Why so long in advance you may ask?  Well, there is much more that comes with purchasing that special dress.

Set a Budget!  Make sure to set a budget. Like any other purchase being done for your Big Day you need to set a budget. You might be thinking $4,000 is good to set aside for your dream dress but you need to consider other facts like; the cost of alterations, if needed, which most likely will be, considering the fact that every dress is custom to be fitted to the bride. Taxes is another factor you need to include in your savings, as well as the possibility of have a shipping fee.  Also, make sure to set aside 10-20 percent of your dress budget for accessories such as a veil, shoes, and jewelry.  This is why setting a budget is extremely important because things do add up.

Do your research before walking into a store. Start with looking into what silhouette suits your body type as well as what style of dress you would like to wear.   Something that will help you with choosing a style is the venue you booked for the Big Day. Searching online and savin images of the dresses you are more inclined to will help the sales consultants with pulling out the dresses you want to see yourself in. Have in mind that some bridal shops will not allow you to browse freely through the gowns.  They’ll ask you for a description of what you’re looking for and then bring you gowns they think match it.  If you really hate the idea of not being able to see everything yourself, avoid these places.

How to enjoy the experience.  Make sure to take someone with you. The experience of shopping for a dress is one that you will want to share with either with one or two of the most important people in your life. Having a big group will just make you become overwhelmed with all the many opinions in the room. You want to be able to remember this as a joyfull and not a frustrating experience.  Another way to enjoy the shopping experienced to the fullest is by making an appointment.   By making your appointment you will be greeted by a consultant as soon as you walk in because they are expecting you and you won’t have to be waiting around. All the attention will be set on you as a bride and not as someone that just walked in.

These helpful tips will definitely make shopping for your dream wedding dress alot easier. Enjoy the beautiful journey of planning the day of marrying your best friend but if you see yourselves becoming overwhelmed allow us to help you make your dreams come true. Simply contact us so we can make your wedding experience devine. Happy shopping ladies!!!

Fall in Love with Marsala


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Marsala is on full blast!  This beautiful hues has been seen in many breathtaking spring weddings this year already.  From enchanting earthy tones to vivid colors that compliment this year’s color, many are definitely embracing marsala for their special day.  Incorporating this color has been such a success to transmit the idea from a romantic outdoor wedding to a simple intimate wedding.  The ideas with the are endless.  And now that many are planning their fall weddings, take a look at these amazing ideas for your special day.

perfect marsala

Include this luxurious color in your bouquet with delicate dahlias, peonies, ranunculus or even some purple pink succulents. Throw in some gold with your centerpieces and you will see the colors pop of radiance.   Dress your wedding party with some marsala and they will love it.  Those perfect brick color lips will be enchanting as the night falls.

marsala it for fall

From cakes to nail polish you can do numerous things with this year’s color.  The changing of the leaves during the season of fall will enrich your marsala items as the hues of the most impeccable artist shows in His work of art.  If you are in need of more ideas for your fall wedding don’t hesitate to contact us by click here.

Claudin (EGE Team)

Every Girl’s Weakness: SHOES!!!


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Ladies, one word, SHOES!!!

So you have your engagement ring that made you say “YES!” You have your gorgeous wedding dress that made you say, “This is the one!” And now it’s time to shop for shoes that will make you say, ‘I LOVE THEM! I WANT THEM!”  It’s time to shop ladies.  Get your comfortable heels on and get inspired with these beauties.PhototasticCollage-2015-05-04-22-15-27

 8380b1e2b5ef85324c8900ab6ab18591finished gold  pretty in pink

 Maybe you thought that wedding shoes should always be white but as you can see the options are endless.  Just imagine all the fun outfits that can be combined with these adorable shoes after your wedding day.  Let the shopping games continue!



Because not all wedding shoes are white.  Think outside the box and you will be glad you did.  Your wedding shoes don’t have to be your typical white or off white heels. The same way you wanted to show off your unique style with your wedding gown, do it with your stylish shoes.

Claudin (EGE Team)

Choosing Your First Dance Song


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From the beginning of time, humans have expressed their love to one another through art. Be it through drawings, poems or music just to name a few.  And who doesn’t remember the words once written by the iconic composer Ludwig van Beethoven to his beloved.

“Ever mine.  Ever thine. Ever ours.”

And when we hear the name of William Shakespeare we definitely know we can find love written all across his work.

‘When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.”

For those that have loved and for those that have found the one true love, we can relate to these declarations.  Words that have made us write about love ourselves. Yet here comes the fun part.  You and your beloved have been planning in great detail your Big Day.  From writing the vows that will express how you will love them for all eternity, to planning the way you want your sweetheart to see you the first time you encounter them down the aisle.  But the one thing you will always remember no matter where you are nor how many years go by, the lasting impression that will be in your mind will be the song you shared as you embraced each other as the world watched the love that you both share for one another on the dance floor.  Whispering the sweet words of that One Song that let’s you know how they feel about you.  That One Song that makes you feel the butterflies in your stomach. It’s that One Song that gives you goosebumps every time you hear it because it’s that One Song that makes you want to think of the one you love. So when choosing a song for your first dance as husband and wife, think of that One Song that you will want them to hear in 50 years that will still take their breathe away because it made them think of the happiest day in their life.


Maybe you don’t have a song that has traveled with you in your relationship but there are numerous songs that can be chosen from to be “The One” that travels in your new journey as Mr. and Mrs. From the oldies to the new generation of music here are a few of the EGE team picks accompanied with a few of the lyrics.  Enjoy!!!

  • Sea of Love- Cat Power

I want to tell you

How much I love you

  • Sparks- Coldplay

My heart is yours

It’s you that I hold on to,

That’s what I do

  • Wonderwall- Oasis

I don’t believe that anybody

feels the way I do about you now

  • By your side- Sade

When you’re cold

I’ll be there

Hold you tight to me

  • Somebody – Depeche Mode

I want somebody to share

Share the rest of my life

  • A Thousand Years- Christina Perri

I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

  • You and Me- Penny and the Quarters

When love is real, you don’t have to show it

When it is true, then everyone will know

  • Crazy Love- Irene Diaz

Cuz I’m crazy in love

I’m so crazy in love

I can’t get enough

No I’ll never get enough of you my love

  • You and I- John Legend

Out of all the girls

you’re my one and only girl

  • Thinking out Loud- Ed Sheeran

Darlin I will be lovin you

till we’re seventy

Baby my heart could still fall

as hard as twenty-three

  • That’s All- Edie Adams

I can only give you love that lasts forever

And the promise to be near each time you call

Claudin (EGE Team)

The Rings with the Different Bling


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Gentlemen, this one is for you!

You found the woman of our dreams now it’s just a matter of finding the ring of HER dreams. And with the variety of gorgeous designs out there one is for sure to ask themselves, “How do I go about in choosing THE RING?”  When people saw Lady Gaga’s heart shape diamond we all were marveled and what’s to say about the ever so infamous Sapphire engagement ring Princess Diana once wore. The beauty of it all is that every engagement ring has its story and the ring you choose won’t be an exception.  In this modern age, there are no limits when it comes to an engagement ring.  From a simple elegant diamond solitaire to the vibrant hues of an exotic gem, the choices are endless and the ring you chose for your beloved will be the right one because the story all started with you.

gold rings

How gorgeous are these golden engagement rings. The attention to detail in each these style bands says that you look beyond the first thing you see. You took your time to pick the right one for your right one.

bold bling

If different and bold is what you see your future wife wearing, these little numbers will be amazing on her finger. Don’t be afraid of moving away from a diamond centerpiece. You will be surprised the number of new brides that love their exotic gems.

little color rings

Maybe you like the idea of drifting away from the traditional diamond centerpiece but you want a kiss of color on your rock. These beautiful creations will never be tiring to look at. With this option you open your opportunity to explore the word of gems.


Gentlemen, let it be known that there is more to a centerpiece than just a round one. Let us enlighten you with a few of the many variety of shapes a centerpiece can be selected as. Let your imagine run wild with this one.

We know you want the best for your sweetheart, for this is the ring she will be saying YES!!! when you pop the big question.  Be patient, do your research, and you will find the perfect ring for your perfect one.

Claudin (EGE Team)

Charlene and Levi Anniversary Gift


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Last year, we had the pleasure of working with an amazing couple, the Hawkinson’s.  It seems like only yesterday Charlene and Levi were walking down the aisle, with hearts racing and love growing as the seconds were approaching to say “I do.”  The rays from the sun brushed over Charlene’s skin and Levi couldn’t help but smile.  You can see his heart stopped when seeing his best friend smile back because he knew that from that day forward he would have the love of his life by his side.  As Charlene radiated of happiness, we all were able to witness the happy couple become one. The glamorous gown that Charlene wore was transformed into a sleek and chick dress for her reception; it was to die for.  The classic hues of Hollywood glam started from their invitation transferred to their delicate wedding cake.  The details put together for their reception, which took place at the luxurious Mr. C Hotel in Beverly Hills, made the room a magical delight for the intimate reception.

Coordinating this wedding was such a delight.  With joy and fulfillment we are happy to celebrate with Charlene and Levi their first year as husband and wife. And with perfect timing to celebrate their unity we would like to share the amazing news of having our astonishing couple being published by The Knot.  We would like to invite you to click on the link below to view this Hollywood wedding that will make you want to say “I do.”


Check out the post via the knot here!

Claudin (EGE Team)

Happy Anniversary Hazel & Tomer


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It was a beautiful May day when Hazel  and Tomer shared their vows and said “I do!” It feels as if it was only yesterday that we were able to share that special day with this lovely couple. And as their 1 year anniversary approaches us, we will like to share a glimpse from their Big Day which took place in a dreamy private estate in Indian Wells. Enjoy!

Andyseo-Photography-130Andyseo-Photography-200 (1)



Andyseo-Photography-310 (1)

Andyseo-Photography-300 (1)

Andyseo-Photography-308 (1)



In collaboration with Andy Seo Photography and catering by Summit Catering, our bride and groom began a new journey as Mr. And Mrs. Thank you Hazel and Tomer for allowing us to make your dream wedding a reality.


EGE Venue of the Month


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We are delighted to announce our venue of the month, The Athenaeum. Located in beautiful Pasadena there lies a jewel within a jewel. The Athenaeum is located on the historical Caltech campus. With backdrops that will take your breath away, you will find elegance written throughout this historical monument. We have had the pleasure of producing glamorous weddings with amazing couples at this location.  Let us introduce you to one of our productions at The Athenaeum. Please enjoy….


With the ability of having both your ceremony and reception at  The Athenaeum you will be able to enjoy the eloquent architectural work that will serve as a beautiful backdrop. Accommodations for up to 250 guests for an indoor or outdoor ceremony will be perfect for your special day.


Another advantage to this amazing venue is its location. With so many options for pictures and if time is on your side you can escape with your bridal parting to the numerous picture perfect places in Pasadena. Pasadena’s City Hall as well as Colorado Street Bridge are well known places for photographers. They allow the couple to keep the flow of romance with its vintage look as you can imagine Frank Sinatra signing “Love Is Here to Stay.”


This picture speaks for its self…..


With the delicious menu provided by Athenaeum, you will have fascinating staff making sure all is impeccable.


What would a school be without a Library? Caltech is not an exception. As Einstein roamed through the hallways of this prestigious facility you too can be one to do so. The Athenaeum also provides over night stay for its members or for those being sponsored by members. But if you and your loved one just want to explore the city for your wedding night The Langham Hotel, as well as The Westin are just a short 5 minute drive from Caltech.

The beauty of having this jewel in Pasadena is having all the luxurious amenities surrounding it. So if romance is what you dream for your wedding, make sure to visit The Athenaeum at Caltech. Members and those sponsored by members will definitely have an unforgettable time. Congratulations once again to The Athenaeum for being selected as our venue of the month.

For more information on the Athenaeum please do not hesitate to contact us here!

Claudin (EGE Team)

Let Them Eat Cake


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Spring Weddings are here and the hues that come with them are endless.  And what better way to celebrate a Spring Wedding than with a well-expressed cake.  More and more, we see that today’s cakes are not your traditional standard white three-tier wedding cakes.  With playful colors and eloquent design these trendy wedding cakes are a reflection that Spring is here.  From bold colors to just simply being naked with fruit décor the choices are infinite.  Explore with us some of the delicious delights you will see in this year’s weddings.

0587c2bc2c52e07988b13d6139f937ce3f8c7f79db33f13ab8bedb374d4fccd3  f92068f687a569a78076bcc33bb832b5





With as much or as little frosting as you would like your wedding cake to be, let your imagination run wild.  Have your wedding cake compliment all the other important decisions you have made for your special day.  Just remember, everyone will be waiting to take that infamous picture of you and your loved one cutting your precious cake. So take a minute and think, what will your ideal wedding cake be?

Claudin (EGE Team)