The New Mr. & Mrs. Tam


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Introducing, Mr. & Mrs. Tam!

We had the pleasure of planning a fairy tale wedding for Jason & Felicia last fall at the beautiful, Noor - Sofia ballroom in Pasadena. This couple was great to work with and amazingly well synced. Does that even make sense? Like, shouldn’t they all be? They were really each other’s peanut butter to the others jelly. After hiring Erin Grace we worked together to create an elegant affair. Both Felicia and Jason knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding and they trusted Erin Grace to put it together for them. Take a peek at just how beautiful their big day was.

Congratulations to the new, Mr. & Mrs. Tam!

TAM-0002 TAM-0030 TAM-0058  TAM-0498TAM-0497 TAM-0566 TAM-0580 TAM-0608  TAM-0630TAM-0605TAM-0628  TAM-0644 TAM-0646TAM-0638

The amazing dream team is as follows:

Photographer : Jeremy Chou Photography

Florist: My Wedding Blooms

Video: Motivity Films

Venue: Noor Pasadena

DJ: Invisible Touch Events

Cake: A Twist of Cake 

Wedding Planner: Erin Grace Events

Wedding on A Budget!


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It’s engagement season and so many of you are getting engaged! Congratulations!

Now that you’ve shared your bling all over the internet I’m sure you’re wondering, what next? Well, I’m here to tell you there is help. A great wedding planner is key, but before you hire he or she, you may want to come up with a budget.

A budget is the foundation of a beautiful wedding, big or small. In order to book all the wonderful vendors you’ll need to pull off your beautiful day, you’ll need to start with a budget. Here is a list of things to book in this order. Trust me, people pay me for this info!

– Create a Budget

– Compile a guest count

– Choose a Date

– Hire a Planner

– Choose a venue

– Choose your vendors i.e. photographer, videographer, etc.

– Continue planning all the little details; design, menu cards, signage etc.

There you have it. This is where you should start when planning your wedding. Good Luck! Call us with any questions.

Xoxo! Erin Grace

Straight from the Actors Studio!


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In 2014 I had the pleasure of working with two outstanding Actors, Charlene May and Levi Hawkinson! Both were fantastic and wonderful to get to know. They had a chic Beverly Hills wedding at the gorgeous Mr. C Beverly Hills.

Their wedding took place on the grounds right outside the hotel entrance, and continued up to the penthouse which offers a 360 degree view of everything from Santa Monica to the Hollywood sign. Their reception offered a 6 piece band which played all through the night. I also had the pleasure of working with the talented Brett Munoz Photography again! Take a look at this gorgeous couple!

IMG_0745 IMG_0882  IMG_1796 IMG_1872Venue: Mr. C Beverly Hills

Photographer: Brett Munoz

Wedding Coordinator: Erin Grace Events 

Horse & Carriage, Anyone?


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Derek & Irina were married at the Porter Ranch Country Club. Irina came in on none other than a beautiful horse and carriage with gold hoofs. If you know me, you know I love everything gold. That horse was on my mind for days.

When you think of a horse and carriage, don’t you think Cinderella? Me too! Irina was as beautiful on her wedding day as Cinderella was, headed to the ball.

I met Irina when she hired me to be her wedding day coordinator, we discussed each and every detail of her wedding in the months prior to her wedding until the rehearsal. Erin Grace Events facilitated the rehearsal as part of her wedding experience. On the big day, she was glowing and glamorous, she and Derek enjoyed every moment of that night with their close friends and family. It was a beautiful wedding to be a part of and getting to know them was one of the highlights. They are a wonderful couple and I can’t thank them enough for choosing me to be there on their big day.

Below are a few photos captured by the talented Brett Munoz Photography.




IMG_7816 IMG_0027

Venue: Porter Ranch Country Club

DJ: DJ Ceasar

Photographer: Brett Munoz Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Erin Grace Events 

Caltech for Your Wedding?


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One of my favorite aspects of being a wedding planner is definitely the amazing venues I get to work at. Last year I had the pleasure of working with Carly and Ulises on their beautiful blush/gold wedding. The best part of their wedding, aside from their nuptials, was definitely the gorgeous location they chose… The Athenaeum at Caltech.

Although you have to be a club member or be sponsored by one, it is definitely worth it. Imagine staying t the beautiful suite overlooking the grounds where Albert Einstein once walked. Additionally, the campus is beautiful oh, and the photos… I died when I saw them! Take a look for yourself. Feel free to also email us with any questions about this great space.


Aviles_146 Aviles_171Aviles_441

Aviles_264 Aviles_567 Aviles_465

Photography by Embrace Life Photography

Venue: Athenaeum at Caltech

Wedding Coordinator : Erin Grace Events 

Do These Colors Even Matter To You?


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If you are anything like me, you’ve already seen department stores filled with this beautiful color, Marsala!


Pantone announced late last year that this would be the color of 2015, but what do you think? Are you curious as to how it will play out in weddings this year? Personally, I’m loving it on my neck as a scarf and on my finger nails and I’m loving the change from gold/blush weddings.

How do these colors affect you and your wedding? Well, they really don’t unless of course you love this color too! You will start seeing it in everything from wedding flowers, bridesmaids dresses to jewels and lipstick. The jewel tones are definitely going to spice things up in 2015! What do you think? Please share with us your thoughts.


Erin Grace

Brea Bridal Show, Here I Come!


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As a wedding planner I often participate in wedding shows. On Saturday, January 31st, 2015, I’ll be participating in the Brea Bridal Show! Come, say hello! I’ll be there from 11am-3pm. Come and meet some of our talented wedding day coordinators and let us help you with a stress free wedding!

I’ll also be giving away a few goodies to those who reserve their wedding date with us!

Looking forward to seeing you there! Oh, if you have already booked me, email me your info and you will receive complimentary admission.

Bridal show knot ad jan-ap 2014

2015 is Here!


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Welcome to 2015! I can hardly believe it myself…

new year

I hope you are ready for a great year ahead, we definitely are! With gorgeous weddings being planned I hope you’ll come along. In 2014 I was hammered with a variety of things but I promise to give it another go in 2015 (resolutions…) Please feel free to subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop.

Because I was so bad at blogging last year, I will be profiling a few of our 2014 weddings that did’t quite make it on the blog ( a girl’s gotta rest.)

Thank you for following us!


Erin Grace

No Ring, No Bring?


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We know we want to invite the world to our big day and for some, this kind of party is feasible. But with so many different wedding venues, themes and budgets, the guest count might start looking a little … small. With this being said there are some things to consider. Today lets consider, the “guest plus one”. The last thing you want to do is make room for an individual who has met your family once and quite honestly you might never see again after your wedding.

First you will need to define what “official” means in terms of that plus one. May we suggest a definition of those who are cohabiting or engaged? This might not strike your friends and family as fancy, but remember for some, that guest list is tight. Without some sort of commitment like a ring or sharing the same bathroom, you are under no obligation to invite Frank’s new boo of 2 weeks. Happy list making and remember to carefully consider that “plus one”.

-Valeria Marin
EGE Team

Decisions, Decisions !


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So you’ve picked out your colors, your theme and even your invitations. But your still missing the DJ. Then again did you want to hire a DJ? Or did you want to hire a live band? Maybe both?

  Maybe you’re the bride that has it all figured out, every little detail. That is fantastic! However, when it comes to your big day, who is going to make sure that every one of those perfected details will get executed properly. This very important detail seems to be what so many brides tend to overlook.

  It’s your wedding day! The day you’ve been waiting for. As the bride you should be taking in every gorgeous moment of the day from sunrise to sunset. Why stress out with whether or not the florist arrived on time, the cake is in proper position, or where we are going to seat Auntie Mamie being that she did not RSVP. As the bride, this is the last thing you want to worry about. Instead, these instances should be handled by your professional wedding coordinator.

  Take in your day, bask in the ambiance and taste every moment! So remember when selecting your colors, your themes, or your invitations, select your coordinator as well. You will be so glad you did.

– Valeria (Erin Grace Events Team)


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