Happy Anniversary Hazel & Tomer


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It was a beautiful May day when Hazel  and Tomer shared their vows and said “I do!” It feels as if it was only yesterday that we were able to share that special day with this lovely couple. And as their 1 year anniversary approaches us, we will like to share a glimpse from their Big Day which took place in a dreamy private estate in Indian Wells. Enjoy!

Andyseo-Photography-130Andyseo-Photography-200 (1)



Andyseo-Photography-310 (1)

Andyseo-Photography-300 (1)

Andyseo-Photography-308 (1)



In collaboration with Andy Seo Photography and catering by Summit Catering, our bride and groom began a new journey as Mr. And Mrs. Thank you Hazel and Tomer for allowing us to make your dream wedding a reality.


EGE Venue of the Month


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We are delighted to announce our venue of the month, The Athenaeum. Located in beautiful Pasadena there lies a jewel within a jewel. The Athenaeum is located on the historical Caltech campus. With backdrops that will take your breath away, you will find elegance written throughout this historical monument. We have had the pleasure of producing glamorous weddings with amazing couples at this location.  Let us introduce you to one of our productions at The Athenaeum. Please enjoy….


With the ability of having both your ceremony and reception at  The Athenaeum you will be able to enjoy the eloquent architectural work that will serve as a beautiful backdrop. Accommodations for up to 250 guests for an indoor or outdoor ceremony will be perfect for your special day.


Another advantage to this amazing venue is its location. With so many options for pictures and if time is on your side you can escape with your bridal parting to the numerous picture perfect places in Pasadena. Pasadena’s City Hall as well as Colorado Street Bridge are well known places for photographers. They allow the couple to keep the flow of romance with its vintage look as you can imagine Frank Sinatra signing “Love Is Here to Stay.”


This picture speaks for its self…..


With the delicious menu provided by Athenaeum, you will have fascinating staff making sure all is impeccable.


What would a school be without a Library? Caltech is not an exception. As Einstein roamed through the hallways of this prestigious facility you too can be one to do so. The Athenaeum also provides over night stay for its members or for those being sponsored by members. But if you and your loved one just want to explore the city for your wedding night The Langham Hotel, as well as The Westin are just a short 5 minute drive from Caltech.

The beauty of having this jewel in Pasadena is having all the luxurious amenities surrounding it. So if romance is what you dream for your wedding, make sure to visit The Athenaeum at Caltech. Members and those sponsored by members will definitely have an unforgettable time. Congratulations once again to The Athenaeum for being selected as our venue of the month.

For more information on the Athenaeum please do not hesitate to contact us here!

Claudin (EGE Team)

Let Them Eat Cake


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Spring Weddings are here and the hues that come with them are endless.  And what better way to celebrate a Spring Wedding than with a well-expressed cake.  More and more, we see that today’s cakes are not your traditional standard white three-tier wedding cakes.  With playful colors and eloquent design these trendy wedding cakes are a reflection that Spring is here.  From bold colors to just simply being naked with fruit décor the choices are infinite.  Explore with us some of the delicious delights you will see in this year’s weddings.

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With as much or as little frosting as you would like your wedding cake to be, let your imagination run wild.  Have your wedding cake compliment all the other important decisions you have made for your special day.  Just remember, everyone will be waiting to take that infamous picture of you and your loved one cutting your precious cake. So take a minute and think, what will your ideal wedding cake be?

Claudin (EGE Team)

Love is Knowing How to Compromise


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  “Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding?  What color scheme do you want for the wedding?  How many guest will we have?….”  The questions and decisions are endless, but what if you find yourselves having different preferences on something. In facing this challenge you will have three options: you can be stubborn and insist until you get your way, surrender to the other person’s wishes, or both of you can compromise.

You are probably thinking you don’t like the idea of compromise because it sounds like neither will get what you want.   Be assured that compromise need not to be a lose-lose proposition not if you do it the right way. Compromising is a vital skill for a happy and long lasting marriage. Therefore it requires to work as a team, having an open mind and willing to self-sacrifice. You might be used to making unilateral decisions, but now you will have to work as a team. And one way of strengthening your bond as a team is brainstorming.


Ecclesiastical 4:9 “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their hard work.”

When you start discussing your preferences or ideas make sure to use a pleasant tone because the chances of reaching a peaceful compromise are much higher.


Colossians 3:12 “Clothe yourselves with….compassion, kindness, humility, mildness, and patience.”

But what if you see that your conversation escalates into a heated argument.  Step back and ask yourself, “Am I only speaking of my wants, my desires?” Maybe you are more focused on where your views differ and not on what views you agree on. So strive to look for a common ground because even though you don’t always have to agree with everything your future spouse has to say, you have to be honestly open to considering his or her position.


Philippians 2:4 “As you look out not only for your own interests, but also for the interests of others.”

When love and respect flow freely both will be willing to consider the other’s viewpoint.  And this is why compromising will be a vital skill that will be help your marriage last a life time.


Ephesians 5:33 “Nevertheless, each one of you must love his wife as he does himself; on the other hand, the wife should have deep respect for her husband.”


        1Corinthians 13:4-8”Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous…does not look for its own interests…it bears all things…Love never fails…” 


Claudin (EGE Team)

2015’s Trend is Golden


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Gold is defined as something precious, beautiful or of the most superior quality.  No wonder this year’s big trend of gold is sparkling all over weddings. Take a glance to these impeccable details for your precious day.

bride and groom gold

As royalty you are to be expected to shine on your Big Day. You are, by the way, the most precious material in your beloved’s eyes. So don’t be afraid to use that golden touch.


Beautiful sparkling earrings or a delicate golden hair piece can make a big difference on your special day. Always make sure to accessorize.

bridesmaids gold

These gorgeous pieces can be used not only the day of but also for numerous special occasions.


Cinderella is not the only princess in town with shoes that everyone will be talking about.


Be it the linen, silverware, menu cards, or charger plates they all scream Glamor.

gold accents

So many things to make your Big Day GOLDEN….

PicMonkey Collage

Cakes don’t always have to be white. Add some majestic detail to your delicious cake.

2015 without a doubt will be the Golden Year. How will you be incorporating this precious material in your Big Day?

Claudin (EGE Team)

EGE Vendor of the Month


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When we think about looking for a videographer, we think of someone that will know how to capture those important and emotional reactions on that special day.  That is exactly why we have selected Motivity Films as our Vendor of the Month.  Working with founder Nick has been an amazing experience in which clients always come back with a BIG smile. Get to know what makes Motivity Films an amazing cinematic experience as you read our one on one interview with founder Nick.

  • What makes you a great wedding videographer?

Because I’m awesome! Ok, but for a real answer I feel like today many photographers and videographers get so caught up in “re-creating” moments or interfering with a moment just so they can get 20 angles of the same thing and they don’t realize that they are in essence spoiling the moment for the couple. There is so much to be said about those precious REAL moments and capturing those is my favorite part. I look for the unexpected and I feel like I have gotten really good at looking in unique places to find it. It makes my videos feel less stages and you really can feel the love between the bride and groom as well as the love with the couple and their family. That is what everyone should take away from their big day.

  • How would you describe your wedding style, indoor/outdoor videographer or both?

Comfortable & Creative. We love to have fun and joke with our couples. Its your wedding and you should be having a good time! We like the look of natural out door light but sometimes you can get really great stuff at night too. We come prepared with lights of all kinds so be it on the dance floor or creative shots on a dark beach, we can light it up!

  • How will you strategize to obtain the best shots of our wedding at our venue?

Every event is different and what we have learned from over 8 years in the wedding business is that over planning never works. I say that in the best way of course! Things run late or there may a little hiccup in the schedule… but we always find time. We do of course have a “storyboard” which we create before the event. We notate how we want the end video to look, any features of the venue that we want to use and that kind of thing. This will help us get the shots that are needed and stay on schedule.

  •  Is it okay for others to take photos while you are shooting?

We prefer that other guest refrain from taking video while we are doing our job but it is not mandatory. Mostly we say this because a) Guests are not enjoying the moment like they should and b) They tend to step in front of the photographer & video team without realizing it and can ruin our shot. This happens mostly at the ceremony and if a guest does move in front of a camera we either go up and ask them nicely to refrain from standing (because we are shooting right behind them) or if doing that would be a distraction to the event then we would move the camera. As for the bride and groom portraits we also prefer that its only the photographer and video team because the couple tends to tense up with others are watching. Again we have no hard rules on this but we find it works better this way.

  • What are some of your hobbies outside of weddings?

As a guy I obviously love guns and Video games but what I really love is to travel & Hang out with my friends.

And now without further ado a few samples from Motivity Films….

Felicia & Jason   https://vimeo.com/110216379

The New Mr. & Mrs. Tam


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Introducing, Mr. & Mrs. Tam!

We had the pleasure of planning a fairy tale wedding for Jason & Felicia last fall at the beautiful, Noor – Sofia ballroom in Pasadena. This couple was great to work with and amazingly well synced. Does that even make sense? Like, shouldn’t they all be? They were really each other’s peanut butter to the others jelly. After hiring Erin Grace we worked together to create an elegant affair. Both Felicia and Jason knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding and they trusted Erin Grace to put it together for them. Take a peek at just how beautiful their big day was.

Congratulations to the new, Mr. & Mrs. Tam!

TAM-0002 TAM-0030 TAM-0058  TAM-0498TAM-0497 TAM-0566 TAM-0580 TAM-0608  TAM-0630TAM-0605TAM-0628  TAM-0644 TAM-0646TAM-0638

The amazing dream team is as follows:

Photographer : Jeremy Chou Photography

Florist: My Wedding Blooms

Video: Motivity Films

Venue: Noor Pasadena

DJ: Invisible Touch Events

Cake: A Twist of Cake 

Wedding Planner: Erin Grace Events

Wedding on A Budget!


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It’s engagement season and so many of you are getting engaged! Congratulations!

Now that you’ve shared your bling all over the internet I’m sure you’re wondering, what next? Well, I’m here to tell you there is help. A great wedding planner is key, but before you hire he or she, you may want to come up with a budget.

A budget is the foundation of a beautiful wedding, big or small. In order to book all the wonderful vendors you’ll need to pull off your beautiful day, you’ll need to start with a budget. Here is a list of things to book in this order. Trust me, people pay me for this info!

– Create a Budget

– Compile a guest count

– Choose a Date

– Hire a Planner

– Choose a venue

– Choose your vendors i.e. photographer, videographer, etc.

– Continue planning all the little details; design, menu cards, signage etc.

There you have it. This is where you should start when planning your wedding. Good Luck! Call us with any questions.

Xoxo! Erin Grace

Straight from the Actors Studio!


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In 2014 I had the pleasure of working with two outstanding Actors, Charlene May and Levi Hawkinson! Both were fantastic and wonderful to get to know. They had a chic Beverly Hills wedding at the gorgeous Mr. C Beverly Hills.

Their wedding took place on the grounds right outside the hotel entrance, and continued up to the penthouse which offers a 360 degree view of everything from Santa Monica to the Hollywood sign. Their reception offered a 6 piece band which played all through the night. I also had the pleasure of working with the talented Brett Munoz Photography again! Take a look at this gorgeous couple!

IMG_0745 IMG_0882  IMG_1796 IMG_1872Venue: Mr. C Beverly Hills

Photographer: Brett Munoz

Wedding Coordinator: Erin Grace Events 

Horse & Carriage, Anyone?


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Derek & Irina were married at the Porter Ranch Country Club. Irina came in on none other than a beautiful horse and carriage with gold hoofs. If you know me, you know I love everything gold. That horse was on my mind for days.

When you think of a horse and carriage, don’t you think Cinderella? Me too! Irina was as beautiful on her wedding day as Cinderella was, headed to the ball.

I met Irina when she hired me to be her wedding day coordinator, we discussed each and every detail of her wedding in the months prior to her wedding until the rehearsal. Erin Grace Events facilitated the rehearsal as part of her wedding experience. On the big day, she was glowing and glamorous, she and Derek enjoyed every moment of that night with their close friends and family. It was a beautiful wedding to be a part of and getting to know them was one of the highlights. They are a wonderful couple and I can’t thank them enough for choosing me to be there on their big day.

Below are a few photos captured by the talented Brett Munoz Photography.




IMG_7816 IMG_0027

Venue: Porter Ranch Country Club

DJ: DJ Ceasar

Photographer: Brett Munoz Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Erin Grace Events 


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