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So many little girls dream of the day they will be walking down the aisle with their Cinderella dress.  And now that dream is becoming a reality for you.  So now it’s time to ask yourself, when do you go looking for THE Dress?  How do you know that’s “THE ONE”? Where do you even begin to search?  So many questions and this is just the beginning of all the fun parts of planning your dream wedding.  That’s why you have us to help you out.  Starting with a few shopping tips before you go nuts in the sea of all the wedding gowns you will encounter out there.  Let’s begin with …


When should you start looking for your dress?  It’s never to soon to start looking but just make sure you are just looking.  Ideally you want to find your dress 1 year to 9 months before the big day.  Why so long in advance you may ask?  Well, there is much more that comes with purchasing that special dress.

Set a Budget!  Make sure to set a budget. Like any other purchase being done for your Big Day you need to set a budget. You might be thinking $4,000 is good to set aside for your dream dress but you need to consider other facts like; the cost of alterations, if needed, which most likely will be, considering the fact that every dress is custom to be fitted to the bride. Taxes is another factor you need to include in your savings, as well as the possibility of have a shipping fee.  Also, make sure to set aside 10-20 percent of your dress budget for accessories such as a veil, shoes, and jewelry.  This is why setting a budget is extremely important because things do add up.

Do your research before walking into a store. Start with looking into what silhouette suits your body type as well as what style of dress you would like to wear.   Something that will help you with choosing a style is the venue you booked for the Big Day. Searching online and savin images of the dresses you are more inclined to will help the sales consultants with pulling out the dresses you want to see yourself in. Have in mind that some bridal shops will not allow you to browse freely through the gowns.  They’ll ask you for a description of what you’re looking for and then bring you gowns they think match it.  If you really hate the idea of not being able to see everything yourself, avoid these places.

How to enjoy the experience.  Make sure to take someone with you. The experience of shopping for a dress is one that you will want to share with either with one or two of the most important people in your life. Having a big group will just make you become overwhelmed with all the many opinions in the room. You want to be able to remember this as a joyfull and not a frustrating experience.  Another way to enjoy the shopping experienced to the fullest is by making an appointment.   By making your appointment you will be greeted by a consultant as soon as you walk in because they are expecting you and you won’t have to be waiting around. All the attention will be set on you as a bride and not as someone that just walked in.

These helpful tips will definitely make shopping for your dream wedding dress alot easier. Enjoy the beautiful journey of planning the day of marrying your best friend but if you see yourselves becoming overwhelmed allow us to help you make your dreams come true. Simply contact us so we can make your wedding experience devine. Happy shopping ladies!!!