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Gentlemen, this one is for you!

You found the woman of our dreams now it’s just a matter of finding the ring of HER dreams. And with the variety of gorgeous designs out there one is for sure to ask themselves, “How do I go about in choosing THE RING?”  When people saw Lady Gaga’s heart shape diamond we all were marveled and what’s to say about the ever so infamous Sapphire engagement ring Princess Diana once wore. The beauty of it all is that every engagement ring has its story and the ring you choose won’t be an exception.  In this modern age, there are no limits when it comes to an engagement ring.  From a simple elegant diamond solitaire to the vibrant hues of an exotic gem, the choices are endless and the ring you chose for your beloved will be the right one because the story all started with you.

gold rings

How gorgeous are these golden engagement rings. The attention to detail in each these style bands says that you look beyond the first thing you see. You took your time to pick the right one for your right one.

bold bling

If different and bold is what you see your future wife wearing, these little numbers will be amazing on her finger. Don’t be afraid of moving away from a diamond centerpiece. You will be surprised the number of new brides that love their exotic gems.

little color rings

Maybe you like the idea of drifting away from the traditional diamond centerpiece but you want a kiss of color on your rock. These beautiful creations will never be tiring to look at. With this option you open your opportunity to explore the word of gems.


Gentlemen, let it be known that there is more to a centerpiece than just a round one. Let us enlighten you with a few of the many variety of shapes a centerpiece can be selected as. Let your imagine run wild with this one.

We know you want the best for your sweetheart, for this is the ring she will be saying YES!!! when you pop the big question.  Be patient, do your research, and you will find the perfect ring for your perfect one.

Claudin (EGE Team)