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Spring Weddings are here and the hues that come with them are endless.  And what better way to celebrate a Spring Wedding than with a well-expressed cake.  More and more, we see that today’s cakes are not your traditional standard white three-tier wedding cakes.  With playful colors and eloquent design these trendy wedding cakes are a reflection that Spring is here.  From bold colors to just simply being naked with fruit décor the choices are infinite.  Explore with us some of the delicious delights you will see in this year’s weddings.

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With as much or as little frosting as you would like your wedding cake to be, let your imagination run wild.  Have your wedding cake compliment all the other important decisions you have made for your special day.  Just remember, everyone will be waiting to take that infamous picture of you and your loved one cutting your precious cake. So take a minute and think, what will your ideal wedding cake be?

Claudin (EGE Team)