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So you’ve picked out your colors, your theme and even your invitations. But your still missing the DJ. Then again did you want to hire a DJ? Or did you want to hire a live band? Maybe both?

  Maybe you’re the bride that has it all figured out, every little detail. That is fantastic! However, when it comes to your big day, who is going to make sure that every one of those perfected details will get executed properly. This very important detail seems to be what so many brides tend to overlook.

  It’s your wedding day! The day you’ve been waiting for. As the bride you should be taking in every gorgeous moment of the day from sunrise to sunset. Why stress out with whether or not the florist arrived on time, the cake is in proper position, or where we are going to seat Auntie Mamie being that she did not RSVP. As the bride, this is the last thing you want to worry about. Instead, these instances should be handled by your professional wedding coordinator.

  Take in your day, bask in the ambiance and taste every moment! So remember when selecting your colors, your themes, or your invitations, select your coordinator as well. You will be so glad you did.

– Valeria (Erin Grace Events Team)