No Ring, No Bring?


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We know we want to invite the world to our big day and for some, this kind of party is feasible. But with so many different wedding venues, themes and budgets, the guest count might start looking a little … small. With this being said there are some things to consider. Today lets consider, the “guest plus one”. The last thing you want to do is make room for an individual who has met your family once and quite honestly you might never see again after your wedding.

First you will need to define what “official” means in terms of that plus one. May we suggest a definition of those who are cohabiting or engaged? This might not strike your friends and family as fancy, but remember for some, that guest list is tight. Without some sort of commitment like a ring or sharing the same bathroom, you are under no obligation to invite Frank’s new boo of 2 weeks. Happy list making and remember to carefully consider that “plus one”.

-Valeria Marin
EGE Team

Decisions, Decisions !


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So you’ve picked out your colors, your theme and even your invitations. But your still missing the DJ. Then again did you want to hire a DJ? Or did you want to hire a live band? Maybe both?

  Maybe you’re the bride that has it all figured out, every little detail. That is fantastic! However, when it comes to your big day, who is going to make sure that every one of those perfected details will get executed properly. This very important detail seems to be what so many brides tend to overlook.

  It’s your wedding day! The day you’ve been waiting for. As the bride you should be taking in every gorgeous moment of the day from sunrise to sunset. Why stress out with whether or not the florist arrived on time, the cake is in proper position, or where we are going to seat Auntie Mamie being that she did not RSVP. As the bride, this is the last thing you want to worry about. Instead, these instances should be handled by your professional wedding coordinator.

  Take in your day, bask in the ambiance and taste every moment! So remember when selecting your colors, your themes, or your invitations, select your coordinator as well. You will be so glad you did.

- Valeria (Erin Grace Events Team)

Fairy Tale Wedding ?


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Some of us dream of our wedding from the moment we watch our first Disney princess film. Then there are some of us who don’t start the imagination process of our Fairy Tale wedding until we are officially engaged. No matter the length of time we have spent invisioning this day , it can tend to be nerve racking . With hiring a professional wedding coordinator it helps to relieve some stress . You can enjoy your engagement season while still having the day of your dreams planned perfectly for you. Need to find a coordinator? I’m so glad you asked… Erin Grace Events offers many packages to fit your style and personality. Let us assist in sifting through the options to help make your Fairy tale come true.

Fall Florals


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In honor of the crisp. brisk morning we are having here in So Cal, today we will take a peek at the trending florals for the fall season of 2013! fallflower1


Tell us, what is your favorite fall flower? Which fall flowers will you be using in your wedding bouquet this year??



Erin Grace

Naz & Alex


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The nuptials of Naz & Alex take us to Santa Barbara’s breathtaking Villa Camino Cielo. This Tuscan style home, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands, can be rented for weddings and private affairs.


The gorgeous couple had an entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen! Bridesmaids flew in from as far as Italy for this very special day!


The exchange of vows between Naz & Alex was very romantic! Tears filled the eyes of many guests!


The EGE Dream Team is so thankful for the honor of styling this wedding! Naz & Alex are so full of admiration for one another and it was a gift to witness the love surrounding them on this beautiful day!

acker13Stunning photography by La Neve Photography.


EGE wishes Naz & Alex the very best in life! Remember to always laugh, love and forgive… your very best days are still ahead! Congratulations on becoming Husband & Wife!


Wedding planning, styling & coordination by Erin Grace Events

Florals & Candy Station provided by Erin Grace Events

Photography by La Neve Photography

Sweets provided by A Twist of Cake

Linens provided by Posh Peony

DJ Services provided by VOX DJ

Officiant provided by Great Officiants  

Ceremony & Reception held at Villa Camino Cielo

For more information on how to book this venue, please email inquiries to


Erin Grace

Newlyweds? How To Change Your Name


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Congratulations, you are now married! Your wedding was beautiful and went off without any glitches. Now you are asking yourself, How do I change my last name? Here we’ve written a super easy step by step process for changing your last name.


1. Obtain a certified copy of your marriage license from your local county recorder’s office.

2. Go to your local social security office and change your name on your social security card. You will need this first before going out and changing your name anywhere else. It is simple to do. Go in, take a number, fill out the form, show them your marriage license, and ta-da you will have a new social security card with your new name!

3. Once you’ve received your new social security card with your new name change all you have to do is take this card to your local DMV. Fill out the name change form and provide your newest social security card as proof of your name change.

Super easy right? Now the US government recognizes your new name! Congratulations!

 Other things to change:
Your W2 info at work
Insurance info
Credit Cards
Bank Account Info
Good luck!
Erin Grace

To honeymoon or not to honeymoon, is this even a question?!


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Planning your wedding can be time consuming and stressful. Is there any better way to relax and celebrate your new nuptials than by taking a vacation to a beautiful island? From the Bahamas to the breathtaking coasts of Hawaii, there are so many options for today’s newly wedded couples. Here are 3 vacations spots that are perfect for any couple looking for fun in the sun!

Hotel Riu Palace, Cabo San Lucas Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas - Garden

With all food and beverages included in this all inclusive resort, you will find it hard to leave the Palace! The service provided by the staff is impeccable, fit for any King and Queen. The entertainment provided each evening will have you laughing and dancing thru the night. This is one of Cabo’s most finest resorts!

Halekulani Hotel, Waikiki

If romance is what you crave, look no further than Halekulani Hotel, Waikiki. Steps away from the blue Hawaiian waters, this 100 year old hotel was recently renovated in 2012. The accommodations will be everything you’d expect in a world-class resort, and more. Room service can be called in 24 hours a day if you find it hard to leave your room. Be sure to book your couples massage right on the sandy beach as well as reservations for an elegant dinner at La Mer.

Excellence Punta Cana, Dominican RepublicCaribbean beach resort at Excellence Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This is the romantic vacation you’ve always imagined… this adults only resort will leave you  and your honey feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Beautiful beaches, enormous swimming pools and jacuzzis await you. Snorkel in the secluded beach or take scuba diving lessons… there is truly something for everyone at this gorgeous establishment.

Need help planning your honeymoon?? Erin Grace can help! Call us for a free consultation today!


Erin Grace

The Wedding Venue: 5 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Location


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Choosing a wedding venue can be stressful! Here are 5 tips to help you find the location of your dream wedding!


1. Price

The first question you have to ask yourself before viewing a property is “Can I afford it?” And be truthful to yourself. Can you afford this venue… and the DJ… and the videographer… and all the other lovely things you just have to have … AND still have enough for that designer dress you want so badly?! If not, it’s back to the drawing board! This is why it is so important to establish a budget first and foremost.


2. Will this venue accommodate all of my guests??

Will this venue support all 300 of our closest family and friends? Your wedding planner will be able to help you with this info. Most (great!) wedding planners will be able to suggest venues that fit your style, budget and guest list size. If you envision a small intimate gathering, then booking the grand ballroom might not be such a good idea. Your venue should fit your guest list comfortably. Perhaps selecting a garden or a small venue room will provide for a more private occasion.

photo (8)

3. You mean food’s not included??

Security? Chairs? Linens? Food?? What exactly is included in the price? You should know this information before you sign any contract or place a deposit for your wedding venue. It is so important to ask what is included in the pricing. Not all venues will charge for the same items and not all venues will be upfront about their pricing. Before you know it, you can be responsible for paying for a security guard, noise permits, etc! To avoid confusion, be sure to ask what is it included in the price and read contracts thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.

bride and grrom

4. Will other events be taking place at the same time or day of your wedding?

Other events at the same location or in the same banquet room can lead to all sorts of problems. Try to book a venue with only your nuptials scheduled for the day. It will provide ample time for your wedding planner or wedding coordinator to set up and take down. No bride or groom wants to feel rushed on this very special day!


5. Will my guests be stuck in traffic? Will YOU be stuck in traffic?!!

Let’s face it folks, we live in California and there’s a lot of us here. Consider traffic at the time of your event. If your wedding in scheduled to begin on Friday at 5pm in the heart of Hollywood, guess what?? Your guests will be sitting in rush hour traffic, and could potentially be late. Suggestive wording on the invitation may help remind folks to leave early to avoid delays… or you could just get married before or after rush hour!

There you have it ladies & gems… 5 tips that will help you plan your big day! Need more suggestions? Contact Erin Grace here for a free consultation!

Ingrid & Ross


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The vintage inspired wedding of Ingrid & Ross takes place in the beautiful city of Claremont. The sun was shining on this gorgeous May day. California has the perfect weather for a wedding full of sunshine and this day was no exception. 

Ingrid and girls got glammed up in the bridal suite while Ross and the boys suited up in another room on the other side of the hotel.

Ingrid looked stunning! A photo shoot before the wedding vows took place was in order!

Meanwhile, the boys waited on the other side of the hotel… Boy, did we have fun keeping everyone separated that day!

Then the moment had arrived. It was time for Ingrid to become Ross’ wife. Ingrid was breathtaking as her father walked her down the aisle.

Following the exchange of vows, cocktail hour was held in the garden, while the newlyweds took pictures as husband and wife.

Of course the boys jumped in to lend a helping hand!

It was time to get this party started!

No wedding would be complete without the couples’ first dance!

The day was simply stunning and the details were perfect! EGE had a splendid time putting together the events of the day!

Ingrid and Ross, we wish you many blessings today, tomorrow and forever! Thank you for allowing us to share this beautiful day with you!


Erin Grace

Wedding Planner, Flowers, Candy Buffet and Rentals provided by Erin Grace Events

Photography By Human Art Work

Wedding was held at Double Tree Claremont

DJ services by These Guys Entertainment

Baked goods provided by A Twist of Cake

Linens provided by Posh Peony Event Design

Laura & Tim


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I’m so excited to share this fabulous wedding we worked on this past weekend. Aside from being excited that wedding season has begun I’m thrilled to have kicked it off so elegantly. The Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California is such a beautiful location but after putting together all of the “pieces” Laura & Tim’s wedding was absolutely stunning!

Laura & Tim began their relationship 6 years ago on April 21 over at Oregon State, since then they have been inseparable. Laura, a native of Southern California took off on a journey to begin her new college life only to meet the man that she now calls her husband, best friend and someone who she will now spend the rest of her life with along with their two dogs. On April 21, 2013 Laura became Mrs. Brassfield!

Both Laura & Tim are a fabulous couple, Laura is compassionate about animals and Tim’s love of music make them an awesome cou awesome to work with and I know that they will continue to love and grow with one another. They live in Oregon and are a super awesome couple.

The DreamTeam at EGE wishes them the best in their new life as newlyweds and many more years of love and happiness!

Check out some of their photos from the wedding. Professional photos to come!

Xoxo – Erin Grace


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